The wines of Maison Fatien are produced from almost 4 hectares of vineyards, worked exclusively by Charly Fatien. The parcels are spread over prestigious appellations of the Cote de Beaune and the Cote de Nuits: Gevrey Chambertin, Beaune, Pommard and Volnay. Maison Fatien adds to its range by making an extremely judicious selection of additional grapes.

Driven by their taste for prestigious Burgundy wines, the Fatiens have not held back in their determination to produce top quality wines. The finest possible facilities were established, right from the very first harvest, to create optimum conditions for a superior product. But the most important aspect is 'time'. They have given themselves time for their investment to bear fruit. Respect for the rhythm of nature is essential for the production of exceptional wines.

"The most important aspect is for everything to be well thought out and to obey the laws of nature. The objective is minimum interference, to let the wine take its own time. The ageing of the reds, for example, takes two years," explains Charly Fatien.

"Quality begins with low yields on the vines, whether that be for the wines from our own vineyards or for the grapes we buy in. Control of the development of the vine is what really counts. That, and the important decision of when precisely to harvest."

From the vineyard to the cellar

Having the means to produce the best possible quality

In the historic heart of Beaune, Maison Fatien cultivates a highly crafted vision of wine. The maison was founded by Raymond and Charly Fatien in 1999. Descended from a Burgundy family, they are both great lovers of the region and its wines.

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